November 21 2019 pisces horoscope

Your friends—with the help of Mercury this weekend—remind you of the impact you have on their lives and the positive energy you bring to them. Home, sweet home! The eclipse has you thinking about home, family, and emotionality. Is it time to move—or to be grateful for where you are now? The eclipse highlights your thinking, writing, and speaking skills.

Mercury enters your international and educational sectors, sending you to the far corners of the academic and global worlds. Bon voyage! What keeps your heart safe, Cancer? The eclipse helps you find your beliefs on confidence, income, and places that make you feel safe. Mercury enters your intimacy sector on Thursday, allowing for sexy dialogue and meaningful mental chemistry over the next three weeks!

Rise and roar, Leo! This eclipse shines for you. A powerful reset or change of heart inspires your courage and confidence to sparkle, so show the world—especially your romantic partners—what royalty looks like. Mercury enters your love zone, inspiring opposites-attract style chemistry, compromise, and date nights for weeks. Mercury enters your mental, emotional, and physical health zones on Thursday, inspiring you to get in tip-top shape on all personal-growth fronts.

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You put the commune in community, Libra! The planet of communication starts an extended visit to Scorpio and your expansive ninth house on October 3. Even as you stay true to your mission, make sure you think outside the box. The October 27 Scorpio new moon presents a perfect moment to put those feelers out into the wider world.

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Use stronger filters because your outspoken comments could be taken the wrong way. This rash clash could cause you to uncharacteristically lose your cool and blurt out something you instantly regret. Your buttons will be easily pushed, so walk away or log off the inflammatory feeds if you start getting triggered.

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Aquarius Illustrated PopSocket. Pisces Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Pisces Illustrated PopSocket. Capricorn Illustrated PopSocket. You're asked to get clear on what you really want from love this weekend as you could be holding fast to an unobtainable ideal. While there's no such thing as the perfect partner or relationship, you can find what's just right for you.

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Take the pressure of yourself and others. You might have some staunch beliefs and opinions about love and romance this weekend, but for now, you're asked to check them at the door. Consider that while you are wise and perceptive that you don't know all there is to know about love and relationships. Keep growing. You might be in your feels this weekend about an ex or someone you're dating, which could have you feeling unusually possessive.

You may need to have a conversation with this person to clear the air, instead of going on an assumption or an unspoken expectation. Find your courage.

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Compromise might be the way to go when it comes to a situation between you and your sweetie. If you want to smooth things over, then you'll have to practice the art of listening without a need to be right or to defend your point of view. You can come to a win-win agreement. You might be feeling some insecurity this weekend around letting someone see you as you really are.

Remember, though: allowing yourself to be seen as you are and loved for it is the only way to go. In other words, don't waste precious time trying to prove yourself or by being someone you're not. If you're involved in a romantic relationship or there's the potential of one you may need to ask yourself if the energy that you're giving to it is worth it right now.