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About Glennys Lawton

A qualified professional astrologer for over 30 years, Lynda has long had an association with astrology and the mystical. Her mother was a Reiki healer and her father, an amateur astrologer who conducted spiritual healing and dream analysis in the family home.

This ordained Lynda with a curiosity for spiritual matters and a quest for deeper meaning from an early age. She has served on the state and national boards of the Federation of Australian Astrologers, and for 6 years was International Liaison Officer. Resident astrologer for Take Five Magazine for 13 years, Lynda has written about astrology for many publications. Her regular column and newsletter on the lunar cycles, Sabian Symbol reports and online Oracle are accessed by audiences around the world.

She is renowned for her profound, wise and accurate insights, which she shares with honesty and warmth through personal readings, forecasts and daily commentary.

About Glennys Lawton

Here is a list of some of her achievements. Astrologisk Museum — An institution in Denmark with a focus on public education in the history of astrology. It includes a modest library whose main aim is to comprehensively collect and preserve Danish-language writings on astrology. Astrological Association of Great Britain — Leading British organisation, established in the late s.

Astrological Lodge of London — Probably the longest-established astrological organisation in the English-speaking world today. Has published its journal Astrology Quarterly founded by Charles Carter almost uninterruptedly since Meets regularly in London, and runs an annual history of astrology lecture event there. Brotherhood of Light — Organisation formerly developed by and still closely associated with the late Elbert Benjamine, a.

Cielo e Terra — Italian organisation dedicated to the study of classical astrology, founded by the late Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli.

Includes a host of articles on the subject, as well as links to externally hosted ones. The trust is administered by experienced American astrologer and astrological writer Karen McCauley.

Astrological Conferences in 2013

Includes page of links to the websites of members, some of whom also offer courses. Federation of Australian Astrologers — Main astrological organisation serving Australia.

International Society for Astrological Research — A modern astrological organisation active since the late s. International by design and in its membership, but with headquarters in the United States. Publishes three journal issues per year in either electronic or for an additional charge printed format, available exclusively to members. Kepler Conference — Home page of a recently instituted annual astrological research conference.

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Holds annual conferences. National Council for Geocosmic Research — A modern American astrological organisation and educational institution, offering multiple levels of professional certification and issuing a couple of substantial journal issues per year, included automatically in memberships but also available for separate sale to non-members after a period of time. Northwest Astrological Conference — An annual lecture conference held in Seattle, Washington, originally organised by the late Maggie Nalbandian.

Many archived lecture recordings from past years are available for purchase from Astrologyetal, the shop formerly run by Maggie and now operated by her son Gregory. Offers a programme of astrological education. Francis Santoni and Yves Lenoble are the surviving founders.